The mission of the Rhode Island E 9-1-1 Uniform Emergency Telephone System is to provide a simple and expeditious way for Rhode Island residents and visitors to request assistance in an emergency by dialing "9-1-1" on a wireline or wireless instrument, telephone or device.

Those requests are received in a central statewide communications center and are transferred to the appropriate local public safety and emergency medical response units for rapid response.


Rhode Island is one of two states in the country to provide enhanced 9-1-1 (E 9-1-1) emergency services on a statewide basis. Trained 9-1-1 Telecommunicators employ advanced telephone and computer technologies to process all 9-1-1 police, fire and rescue calls originating within the State of Rhode Island. The system automatically identifies the location of wireline calls, making it unnecessary for a wireline caller to verbally communicate an address or public safety jurisidiction. Calls are transferred instantaneosly to the appropriate agency for response.

Most Rhode Island wireless telephone subscribers receive FCC Phase I/II wireless 9-1-1 services. The system's operations are partially funded by a surcharge on the state's telephone subscribers.

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Public Utilities and Carriers

Acting Director Gregory M. Scungio

Co-Director Scungio

Gregory M. Scungio is Co-Director of the Rhode Island E 9-1-1 Uniform Emergency Telephone System. He serves as the Principal Project Manager, Director of Operations, and Principal Training Officer for Telecommunicators. Prior to this position, Director Scungio was a Rhode Island E 9-1-1 call center supervisor, an assistant supervisor, and a telecommunicator; having been employed by the agency since its inception in November of 1988.

Director Scungio holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Rhode Island College as well as a variety of public safety/Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) course certificates. He has been honored for his life saving actions as a telecommunicator and has received numerous commendations in the field of public safety during his career. Director Scungio is a member of the Rhode Island Police Chief’s Association, Rhode Island Fire Chief’s Association, the 2-1-1 Advisory Board, the Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency’s Interoperable Communications Committee, and Rhode Island Emergency Management Task Force.